What does gymnastical movement have how gymnastical _

As people health idea rise ceaselessly, fitness has become one of topics that care most for people. Pass body building, we can obtain a more healthy physique, also can be opposite at the same time body model form, let a figure become more well-balanced and good-looking. So what does gymnastical movement have? We make detailed introduction for everybody below.

What does gymnastical movement have

1, genuflect ground straighten one’s back

Ground of double genu genuflect, both hands is put naturally in body both sides, center body weight in the ankle, carry shirt straight, knee and leg become 90 degrees. Continue to hold the body straight, meanwhile erect body is slow admire about 10 centimeters backward, maintain 3 seconds, restore original pose slowly next, repeat afore-mentioned acts for many times.

2, genuflect ground across

Maintain the ground with hand and foot, knee departure and shoulder are the same as wide, pedal of touchdown of right leg toe is straight, exert oneself to do sth. right at the same time. Raise right leg next, toward left after swinging, put down, be in till right leg left foot is left with ground surface contact. This moment slowly return first place again. Next, change left foot, repeat above act.

3, coxal thrust

Stand and approach double foot, the hand is put in coxa ministry, step a foot ahead and curve knee, two tiptoe are forward, send coxa ahead gently next, can find pulling force till hip. Hold this action 5 seconds, again gently loosen, change a leg to repeat afore-mentioned measure next. This movement is not done too over- , cause loss easily otherwise.

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