Standard push-up needs to notice what _

Although say what everybody can undertake push-up to take exercise, but the push-up that wants to find out a standard is special hardship truly. For the Xiaobai that moves to just just beginning especially, know the correct pose of push-up far from. So after all is the pose of standard push-up what kind of? Do we need what to case note in the process that has push-up?

Standard push-up

1, maintain linear

Want to be able to make a perfect push-up, human body from begin to end, the body must maintain linear, need to the place of the ankle from shoulder that is to say straight, the arm of two hands must want to put bosom locally, the distance between two tactics also must want to compare shoulder on a bit wider. Find right athletic way only, such is in in the process of push-up, it is OK that ability allows each movement the flesh such as the more effective humerus triceps that exercises human body and abdominal muscle group place.

2, drop adequately the body

Have a lot of friends when undertaking push-up, rate is very rapid, blink to had dropped, blink to had risen. In fact, this kind of method is wrong push-up pose. In the process that does push-up, must want to use a body with the two sufficient time to 3 seconds downward will, and final bosom needs removed floor two to 3 centimeters of distances between. Later, canvasser must want the emphatic on the horse to be maintained, return former position, what ten million cannot stay quite is too long, counting in that way is rest time.

3, its push-up pose

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