The need after violent campaign notices what circumstance _

In gymnastical process, be unavoidable to be able to appear long violent campaign, achieve certain carry momentum and athletic time only, ability lets quite adipose and rapid get burning, achieve the effect of thin body thereby. But, if do not make good step after violent campaign, can cause unwell condition very easily. Need what to case note after violent campaign so?

The note after violent campaign

1, arrange an activity

After a lot of friends are over in motion, clear away baggage to come home immediately. In fact the practice that this is a kind of mistake, motion is arranged in what after the end moves, everybody must undertake 15 minutes right-and-left, can undertake canter or drawing, such ability make sure heart lungs function has a process that suits slowly quite. If end campaign suddenly, heart lungs function can drop very likely instantly, such not only the oxygen that lets carry heart lungs becomes little, still can yield more metabolization waste material cannot from the eduction inside body.

2, absorb nutrition

Pure for, after no matter be,which kinds move, need to eat a few food to complement energy, because have only,take food and sleeping is the best method that can regain energy, and absorbed amount needs because of the person other. Habit of a lot of friends eats less after motion, can eat less a few, also somebody is very easy after motion hungry, can eat more a little a few. Everybody need not control drink appetite painstakingly after motion, even if should reduce weight, also need to drink beverage of a few motion to complement electrolyte.

3, bathing temperature

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