Drill how muscle just can exercise _

The male friend that believes great majority enters gym wants to exercise a muscle, although say to exercise sarcous method nowadays very much, but if did not find correct training,the method is to cannot achieve favorable training result. Accordingly, a lot of friends want to know how to drill muscle, how can you just exercise a muscle effectively after all so?

How to drill muscle

1, notice bear

Above all, just beginning to practice sarcous time, canvasser must want to decide the intensity that take exercise and the weight that exercise equipment according to his circumstance. In moment of firm experienced sarcous, bear is not OK too big, once negative charge is too big, take exercise rise to be able to feel exceeding to take pain to, the organization above muscle can be injured very likely. If the circumstance with aching muscle just appears when the exercise, it is very normal, canvasser need not worry too, after wanting to rest right amountly only, muscle fiber is met slowly restore.

2, notice intensity

Although say to big negative charge can have not practiced at the beginning in exercising sarcous process, but once must want after adroitness,find oneself equal motion intensity and weight. Canvasser can come according to his body circumstance right amount addition, also cannot add too much quite nevertheless, once cross much meeting to produce side effect to muscle, at the same time if the intensity of training is too light, very inaccessible favorable result. Accordingly, canvasser needs to know his body state more, the intensity that take exercise is searched again later.

3, notice nutrition

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