Athletic common sense has what motion to must want to know what _

Everybody knows, through motion not only can achieve the goal that reduce weight, the body that still can invite people more healthy, and enhance the immune power of the body. Nevertheless, after having campaign, everybody must want to master common sense of a few motion, ability avoids appear quite a few accident circumstances. Next we see commonner athletic common sense what have together.

Athletic common sense

1, cannot drink water in great quantities

In the process that has violent campaign, the saline branch inside body removes human body as sweat fluid outside, if too much water is drunk after motion, the osmosis that lets blood very likely is pressed reduce, destroy the water salt metabolization inside human body to balance, and affect the normal physiology function of human body, serious word can cause muscle spasm likely still. Because the many meeting that drink water lets gastric ministry expand, hamper the activity of midriff flesh, affect the breath of human body. If the discharge grow in quantity of haemal circulation, return responsibility of can aggravating cardiac.

2, cannot move after eat

A lot of blood current need to to intestines and stomach after have dinner, alimental of ability enough help is digested and absorb. If have campaign after just having dinner, very possible meeting causes blood to flow to limb, and hamper the digestive ability of intestines and stomach, if appear for long such circumstance, can cause basic. Additional, the body compares the blood pressure after young friend is having a meal to be able to be reduced, this moment take action can fall easily. So, after just having dinner, cannot moving in order to undertake.

3, appropriate carry momentum

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