Albumen pink adds flesh pink to have what distinction _

In the process that adds muscle, everybody is met eat pink of a few albumen appropriately to add flesh pink, such not only the nutrition that can use up when compensatory motion, also can let muscle get quickly growing. But in the selection process that adds flesh pink in albumen pink, a lot of people are existing to contradict. So after all does albumen pink add flesh pink both between what does existence distinguish?

Albumen pink adds flesh pink to distinguish

1, albumen pink purity is taller

Generally speaking, pink of pure egg white is the protein powder that shows purity is very tall, purity must want prep above 90% above, otherwise very invisibility effect. The theory of this kind of filling agent is particularly intuitionistic, also facilitate buy, but actually the effect still needs to be mixed according to the athletic effect of canvasser oneself absorb a circumstance to look. If one absorbed the friend with circumstance good not very to use the egg whitening with particularly tall purity, also cannot achieve quite absorb very well, still need to use amine of cereal ammonia acyl to wait at the same time so absorb kind assistant.

2, the pink that add muscle contains protein nutrition agent

Next, a lot of protein also are contained inside the pink that add muscle, but besides protein, it still has a few additional composition, for instance a few fiber and saccharide, these included muscle to grow almost the nutrient of a need. So, the pink that add muscle is more a few more practical. Nevertheless, because its purity is not very tall, to the friends of advanced training, effect affirmation is good without albumen pink. In the meantime, like adding flesh pink to follow albumen pink, also want those who see oneself to absorb the effect of circumstance and motion.

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