Akimbo flesh has _ of what training method

Akimbo flesh is Qia waist flesh, by the waist big muscle and Qia flesh place are formed. In athletic process, akimbo flesh can produce a pulling force, make the rate of canvasser more rapid. If the akimbo flesh of human body is too fast flimsy, very possible meeting causes hormone unbalance and muscle decline. So what does the method that trains akimbo flesh after all have? Next we have a look.

Akimbo flesh trains a method

1, the first kind of method

Lie on his back above all lie low is good, two handle gently hold the head in arms gently to perhaps help the ear of two side up. Exert oneself to do sth. abdominal take up next, drive face of upgrade of whole upper part of the body to raise. Curve the knee of ministry of a leg carry above contact, and use raise leg ministry to go to the elbow of side lay a finger on this knee. When after the contact, renew original action, abdominal muscle can be not loosened, change do same exercise again at the same time additionally. When after the exercise of period of time, can raise the leg that prop up unbend, increase the difficulty of training.

2, the 2nd kind of method

Fu lies to go up, two tactics is holding a head in the arms to perhaps support two side, can crural companion help presses an ankle, perhaps pin two legs with the clog. The force of use waist abdomen, rapid raise the upper part of the body. After finishing, recover the upper part of the body initial action, if capable the word does not want floor of bring into contact with, perhaps continue to let bosom maintain a few distances with the ground, make abdominal muscle is in the waist to stretch tight closely all the time condition. Such not only can train abdominal muscle, return the muscle that can exercise back.

3, the 3rd kind of method

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