How should gymnastical schedule make _

The Xiaobai to just beginning fitness people for, want to achieve clearer gymnastical result, must want to make schedule of a piece of fitness, such ability always supervise and urge quite and supervise oneself, achieve the gymnastical effect that oneself want at an early date. How should make gymnastical schedule after all so? Next we understand together.

Gymnastical schedule

1, exercise time

Exercising time is a factor with gymnastical the mainest schedule. For the friends to just beginning a practice, the time that takes exercise every time should be controlled in a hour, measure as force later slowly increase, the time that take exercise is OK also slowly undertake addition, but must not exceed 2 hours. The breathing space between group and group cannot exceed 30 seconds quite, the movement can grow little a little with the time that rests between the movement. A hour before preparation sleeps must end take exercise, such ability won’t affect Morpheus.

2, exercise place

Major gymnastical enthusiast often is met of oversight leg ministry take exercise, have leg department only in fact exercise ability to drive systemic sarcous to grow quite, especially crus flesh group above take exercise. To gymnastical friends, must notice whether muscle of him whole body is well-balanced, only such ability train a sex appeal and forceful figure quite. In the meantime, of leg ministry take exercise can the exudation of the urgent hormone of body of grow in quantity of utmost, and these hormone can promote systemic sarcous growth.

3, exercise a frequency

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