Strong and handsome hold include what phyletic _

Strong and handsome holding is a kind of commonner motion having oxygen, also be the one systemic motion of low rate in planting, main purpose is the heart lungs action with the person that will exercise an exercise, also be the foundation of quality of endurance having oxygen. Everybody knows to jump strong and handsome drill gain is very much, can improve the health already, still can reduce weight. So after all strong and handsome hold what sort to include?

Strong and handsome hold

1, Latin setting-up exercise

Latin setting-up exercise originates Latin dance, but it can not emphasize radical step, and a kind it is setting-up exercise, basically be the use uping that emphasizes energy, not tall to detail requirement of the movement. Whole Latin is held unusual freedom and optional, rhythm is especially other also apparent. Its exercise a key to be put in the waist and coxa ministry, also can let ham inside get taking exercise. Still add orchestic element in the process of setting-up exercise at the same time, still can undertake when take exercise ego is enjoyed, release all moods inside music.

2, street dance

Street dance also is a kind of setting-up exercise, the dancing place of extemporaneous performance evolves and it comes through black street. Had blended in dancing having oxygen nowadays, still matched apparent rhythm, can let what have freedom up and down all over swing, have very big interest sex, also can achieve reduce weight and the purpose of thin body, return the harmonious sex that can enhance the body and heart lungs effect. And very much coach having oxygen is met knight He Disi the dancing conformity of a variety of types such as the division arrives one case, such not only can acquire new dance, still can reduce weight model body.

3, strike hold

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