Experienced chest muscle has what method how to exercise _

Have sex appeal and strong chest muscle to the dream that they are for male friend, like wanting to have perfect figure as the female. Although say, the method of experienced nowadays chest muscle is very much, but friend of a lot of men still does not know what method just is best. Next we share a few methods with experienced best chest muscle together.

The method of experienced chest muscle

1, butterfly machine flyer

This kind of method can exercise the depart of pectoral channel effectively to spend. Adjust the height of good place above all, canvasser need puts his hand and humeral ministry in same above height, two hands maintain the pose of small turn, and what double arm ten million cannot open quite is too big, the plane that wants back only goes, such ability won’t harm the humeral joint of human body, at the same time weight also cannot choose quite overweight, halt must want 3 seconds when closing inside, the extruding with such quite sufficient ability arrives pectoralis major, achieve the goal of training.

2, barbell flat lies push

This method can make breast surround degree, and the different position that holds the stimulation that be apart from place to arrive is different also, the ministry that compare a shoulder a little a bit narrower is to exercise mid pectoralis major, as wide as the shoulder is to exercise whole chest muscle, even a few wider than the shoulder it is exercise chest muscle outside side. When take exercise, two legs want 45 degrees to part, smooth put on the ground, such ability have effort to prop up. If put the foot to bench, the difference with extraordinary stability, cannot develop the greatest power to exercise chest muscle.

3, Qu Shen of parallel bars arm

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