Push-up breathes a method how to should undertake breathing _

Everybody knows, push-up is a kind exercise means first-rately, if did not master to right athletic kind very inaccessible more favorable fitness result. In the meantime, still need to notice breath when undertaking push-up, through correct breath only the method still can bring better result. So after all how does push-up breathe to should undertake?

Push-up breathes a method

1, successive

Believe most friends are in push-up when it is Fu body downward when expiratory, up when undertake expiratory. But the problem as a result of individual constitution, generally speaking, everybody can undertake 20 right-and-left push-up, still need successive, want the breathing rhythm when in hand push-up especially, so need comes to what the frequency that rises and fall up and down will decide to see the body according to the Qu Shen movement of canvasser arm. Expiratory when drop nevertheless movement does not want too fast, want to move up and down by palpitant rhythm.

2, muscle is contractive and inspiratory

Next, can use muscle when systole is fast inspiratory, muscle extend when undertaking slowly expiratory. In inspiratory when must want fast and strong, expiratory when must want slow and profound. Generally speaking, method of this kind of breath is to be in when bear compares light centrifugal perhaps systole to practice, use. When still can choosing to contract in muscle, the instant is shut enrage and undertake fast expiratory, OK in the process of muscle extend slowly undertake inspiratory. Be in nevertheless emphatic moment, avoid to appear to choke with resentment for long as far as possible.

3, fast breath law

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