What thing _ should avoid after violent campaign

Violent campaign is the way of a kind of movement that often can encounter, a lot of friends are in after violent campaign, often can cause abdominal pain or the unwell circumstance such as gastralgia. In fact, because canvasser is in,this is finish place of good health care was not done to cause after motion. So finish after all what situation should prevent after violent campaign?

Violent campaign note

1, cannot sit down immediately

This is a kind of particularly common practice, a lot of friends are in finish feel overworked can crouch perhaps sit to rest immediately after motion. Actually, this is a kind of wrong way. If sitting to rest immediately after body building, meeting block up arrives the circumfluence of blood of below half body, the influence circulates to blood, your body more fatigue, serious word can cause gravitational sex shock likely still. So, in the breath that needs to adjust oneself after violent campaign every time, undertake relaxation, such talent are enough as soon as possible restore physical ability.

2, do not have cold drink

When move, the circumstance of dripping wet of occurrence kubla khah of constant regular meeting, be in especially summer, the meeting when motion uses up many moisture, people can appear the circumstance of a dry tongue dry. So, a lot of youths are in finish a few cold drink can be bought to come after motion satisfy one’s thirst. Just finish actually motion, human body digestion still lies low-key circumstance, if have many cold drink at that time, very possible meeting causes the condition of bellyacke and diarrhoea and gastric bowel convulsion. So, in finish after motion, must have a few cold drink less.

3, do not want the hypothermia on the horse

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