Badminton training has what skill how to train _

Badminton is a kind of commonner motion, in our daily life, can see people shuttlecock everywhere. Although say this kind of motion basically everybody is met, but the technology that wants to let oneself has bright promotion, still need to know the method that a few badminton train more. We see shuttlecock what skill possess next?

Badminton trains

1, serve note a movement

When serve, two people are best one before one after had stood, before the person that serve must want to be gone to as far as possible, the face leans, on and return need attention serve, because adversary is met very likely gently answer you one ball, but you are not certain however quite can seasonable fight back goes. Possible also your adversary answers you to be written down mix particularly high particularly far ball, so your companion must be taken care of from the back. Rise echo of from beginning to end only, around give attention to two or morethings, ability avoids appear quite the case that loses cent.

2, do not stay strike back leeway

No matter be,training usually or the match when, should reachcapture only the opportunity needs to undertake energetically smash the ball, cannot take the chance that any answering strike back magically to the other side, smash the ball when must mix quickly as far as possible as far as possible low. Otherwise once word of unsuccessful of smash the ball, very possible meeting gives the other side the chance, others can be attacked easily time. When when the ball falls to the side of the net, you however essential because of leap cannot catching. Still need to notice oneself backhand way at the same time, major person has a dead space in this place.

3, make a feint to somewhere and attack in another place

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