Press a leg to should press need to understand what _

Pressing a leg is the pattern of more familiar a kind of action in a lot of motion, also be warming-up a kind before common loosen means. And through pressing a leg, not only can allow movement more carefree, still can avoid to appear wounded circumstance, also can protect the muscle to skeleton. So in the process that controls a leg, does everybody need what to situation understand?

Press leg method

1, cent pace undertakes

When just beginning a practice, cannot undertake intensity compares old practice quite. Canvasser can put the leg to as tall as the waist object, face of coxa ministry in the future sits, hip must want to make the same score, such ability prop up leg ministry and ground quite perpendicular. At the same time knee also wants straight, and the leg tiptoe that is pressed needs upgrade and toward time tick off buckle. The face is mobile before the upper part of the body must want emphatic to go to, your leg is pressed into linear. Tiptoe is answered tick off to spinning the ligament of leg ministry and muscle have certain profit, still can spin vertebral.

2, by arrive gently heavy

In the process that controls a leg, experience pair of tendon above leg ministry and ligament and muscle to use force personally. When just practicing, must light, when after practicing period of time can slowly aggravating pressure. If use gravitational word at the beginning, may hold to 9 days quite, but when it is particularly difficult that the 3rd day walks. And the height that the leg puts must want from low toward tall. Put the leg as tall as the waist place, overwhelm when mandible touchs tiptoe, can put the leg to as tall as the bosom object.

3, perserve

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