Exercise muscle to have what method how should experienced _

To male friend, muscle is a kind of very important sign. Have strong muscle only, just have healthy physique on behalf of the male, the glamour that also can increase male friend oneself is worth. Accordingly, friend of a lot of men wants to exercise a muscle, so exercise muscle what to method have after all? We understand today.

Exercise sarcous method

1, pull-up

Stand below horizontal bar above all and crouch, put two hands to the ground between two legs, face of bipod in the future is jumped, become the initiative pose that is push-up. Will double leg is gone to later in front bouncing, restore to crouch the posture that take, two hands are put on the ground, and stand straight body, start will hold horizontal bar again, undertake pull-up again. This movement can the muscle such as some muscle back broadness that exercises human body and humerus quadriceps and ham group, the male can let exercise a strong and handsome body appearance inside short time.

2, Istanbul 8

This movement is by Turkish invention, because its movement can exercise 8 muscle above the body, include the muscle of the place such as 5 above core muscle group of groups, the upper arm and crus and ham. Canvasser can handhold with a hand first a dumbbell, back is clingy go up in the ground, unbend is taking the arm of dumbbell later, and maintain whole pose stand rise, restore initiative pose again finally, have these actions afresh. Hold on for a long time, can achieve exercise the effect very well.

3, erupt type sits stand

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