Boxing has _ of what training method

Boxing is the project of a kind of motion that wearing mitt place to undertake fistfight, its since a kind of amateurish moves, also have occupational trade competition. The cent that should win to must want to compare the other side is more, perhaps Ko the other side can, undertake fistic athlete still needs the blow of escape the other side at the same time. So does this kind of motion have boxing what train a method?

Boxing trains a method

1, pace

In fact, train and use what boxing takes pace seriously particularly as traditional wushu, because basically a lot of strike and the initial drop of force is inside athletic sports from below dish start. So, canvasser must want to master around and right-and-left glissade, regard a foundation as these glissade, correspondence gives different boxing way. Slip in around for instance pace when straight fist of need correspondence around, when controlling glissade, with respect to need corresponding left and right sides places a fist, these are the methods of a few training of special foundation, only ability of experienced good step undertakes boxing.

2, right straight fist

Right straight fist is commonly used heavy fist is compared inside boxing, suit remote attack very much, but right straight fist has an opportunity to be used rarely however, be in only the very high talent when holding can be used. Had made basic gesture above all, send force with right sole comes to step oningly, the force that area of right leg place comes out can let on the right side of send before hip joint, and drive the waist go to quickly in front motion, until send before right shoulder. Right fist can be used go to point-blank in front give out, atttack the head of the other side. Of the twist that passes the waist and right shoulder before send, still can add force and space.

3, Zun Ping ticks off a fist

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