Dancing having oxygen practices from time to tome what skill _

As the city the life pressure of people bigger and bigger, job is busier and busier also, the body of a lot of people lies inferior healthy position. If everybody undertakes a few have oxygen orchestic to take exercise timelily, not only the counteractive ability that can enhance the body, return the effect that can have to control weight. So do we need what to skill notice in practicing there is oxygen orchestic process?

Have oxygen dance

1, likely item

Everybody knows, project of orchestic having oxygen is very much, included knight dance, belly dance and barbell to hold and oxygen strikes wait for a variety of movement way. Generally speaking, the constitution of everybody and harmonious sex are different, so canvasser ten million cannot too hope for success, must want slowly the primary quality that improves him body, a kind of course that suits oneself chooses again later, and promote the integrated capability of oneself, only such, ability achieves favorable result quite, just also can make perfect figure.

2, extend moves

Before we prepare to undertake having oxygen dance, must want to undertake 5-10 first minute warm body moves, your body receives complete relaxation and spread, such ability won’t cause the condition that the body contuses. Commonner warm body movement includes to crouch next standing up that wait with side pressing and knee joint activity. Next, canvasser still needs to notice to had cooperated his breath, letting his hold even breath is a kind of condition of motion having oxygen. Once appear breathless circumstance, need rein in rhythm and foot.

3, the movement reachs the designated position

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