Yoga is filled up how to should undertake choosing _

To practicing the friends of gem gal for, gem gal mat is a kind of indispensable auxiliary motion appliance. It can be prevented already slippery, still have very strong spring back ability and fight rip the ability that pull, also can cut off effectively ground cold. Accordingly, each fitness friend has gem gal mat. But the new hands that have a lot of fitness do not know to want how to choose gem gal to fill up however, we have a look below.

The choice that yoga pays

1, ply and uniformity

When choosing gem gal to fill up above all, must want to choose the cushion that ply controls in 6 millimeter, because too small cushion can let joint feel ache when contacting the ground, the word of heavy panel can affect the stability that establishs moment to battle likely again. To abecedarian, had better choose the cushion with 7 large millimeter. Next, still need to pay close attention to the uniformity that gem gal fills up. Everybody can fill up gem gal tile, see epispastic even effect, if epispastic inhomogenous, can damage very easily, once damage cannot repair.

2, the flexibility that gem gal fills up

Later, need observes the flexibility that gem gal fills up. Everybody can be held with the hand press gem gal mat, if feel two finger are held very easily, with respect to the delegate gem gal is filled up too soft, such gem gal mat calculates very thick, when coming up against the ground, be being touched when joint still is to be able to feel ache. But the word with gem gal too good mat is bad also, the skin of human body is very flimsy, accept too hard gem gal mat very hard, and excellent gem gal mat can rupture very easily to come, exceedingly adverse also to receiving.

3, whether is mat face prevented slippery

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