How is sound the night watches helpful for the ping-pong gymnastical _

The ping-pong is a kind of more popular ball games item, the country that also is our country ball. In the process that moves in the ping-pong, basically give priority to with skill, the quality of body physical ability of canvasser is complementary. Possess excellent skill only, ability becomes a ping-pong amount to a person quite. So how is sound the night watches helpful for the ping-pong fitness?

Dozen of law of the ping-pong

1, push attack

This is a kind of commonner tactics that plays a table tennis, basically be the force that accuses ball and backhand half volley with push through forehand and speed, and change according to placement squelch with the change of rhythm adversary, undertake what strive for actively notch. Pushing the tactics of result is left push right the method that study, have ability of half volley with push and the athlete for cutting tie to backhand for, constant regular meeting uses this kind of tactics. Nevertheless, also need to note the change of circuit and point of fall and rhythm in turning the process that attack, such ability create the main opportunity that gives smash the ball quite.

2, two sides is attacked

Two sides is attacked is to use the force that accusing a ball backhand and speed to squelch the other side, and strive for give the chance of smash the ball actively with creation. This kind of technology also is to undertake two sides assaults the law counters a kind of when make a way attack commonly used tactics. In the process that attacks in two sides, below the circumstance of active aggression, must want to stand fast near table, can undertake appropriately backing down below passive circumstance, in in the stage is medium perhaps near table undertakes counterattacking. Once encounter can the opportunity of smash, must want to have smash the ball boldly.

3, pull attack

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