Exercise chest muscle to have what method _

To each man friend, hope oneself are had strong corporeal chest muscle, such not only the glamour that can promote an individual, still can let oneself more healthy. But a lot of friends pass long training, also cannot exercise a chest muscle. How should exercise chest muscle after all? What method is there?

How to exercise chest muscle

1, push-up

Male friend wants to exercise chest muscle, must want to undertake push-up everyday, and the amount of push-up must want slowly increase, and come in group undertake. For instance 20 are a group, canvasser can rest one minute after each groups of ends. If became 2 groups word today, will strive for tomorrow accomplish 3 groups or 4 groups, down to more. Anyhow, do more more only, ability breaks through his limit quite, if insist to come down, flesh of 2 weeks metathorax can appear to change apparently.

2, dumbbell

Dumbbell also is to exercise chest muscle to compare a kind of common equipment, want to be able to insist to come down only, also can achieve clearer result. Generally speaking, dumbbell motion also needs in group, 10-15 it is a group, canvasser can want to do how many groups in light of the body state according to oneself. In fact, of dumbbell exercise a method special much, commonner is two side are made the same score lift and ahead is smooth lift, also have a few other poses of course. Nevertheless, no matter be which kinds of pose,need to undertake holding to.

3, food

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