The correct pose of push-up is what kind of _

Mention push-up, those who believe everybody is special is clear, also can have a few actions immediately. But, still have very big one part friend does not have any effects after the training that passes push-up, because what the pose mistake of push-up causes,this is. So after all what does the correct pose of push-up have?

The correct pose of push-up

1, pay attention to only maintain exert oneself

Although say whole exercise movement is called push-up, but do not represent canvasser can the circumstance that oversight body drops. Want to master accurate method, no matter be to be in the process that the body rises or drops, need to undertake through the force of oneself. So, when the body is maintained, finger must want to hold a thing forcibly, this movement can start the flesh back broadness of human body, it is a muscle with the biggest back, so drive they not only can help drop, still can help straighten one’s back.

2, double palm span is too wide

A lot of friends are met when doing push-up the span between will double palm is pulled big, this is a kind of opportunistic method. This meeting lets the distance of the body and ground shorten, also can let bosom moment be in the condition that stretchs tight closely and the pressure that increases humeral ministry to receive. So, shoulder must put two strike with the palm of the hands when everybody is doing push-up below, can make ancon articulatory tighten recumbent body so, still can train pectoralis major and humerus triceps at the same time, the humeral ministry that training comes down to also won’t let his is harmed.

3, after training not extend

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