Long-distance running training plans to need to notice what circumstance _

Long-distance running is method of commonner a kind of motion, the long-distance running that no matter be,can undertake a lot of times after when going to school, still growing trains. Especially a few female friends that want to reduce weight through long-distance running, can make a long-distance running train a plan normally. So is everybody making long-distance running train the need in the plan what to case note?

   Long-distance running trains a plan

  1, prepare warm up

Before preparing long-distance running, canvasser must want to do a few activities to undertake warm up first, this is a very crucial step. Everybody need not fear warm up can consume the physical power of human body, and warm up activity also need not too fast, want to be able to make the body hot only rise can. It is at the same time before long-distance running, also can drinking a few dextrose to perhaps eat a few chocolate is very good choice. After start of a race, must follow greater part line, run in as far as possible compare the position in front, but do not go doing get run.

   2, master rhythm

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