Push-up drills chest muscle can be immersed in what error _

The metropolis in believing most man friend is practicing the process of chest muscle chooses to undertake training through push-up, but very few however somebody can achieve idealer result. In fact, push-up drills chest muscle is a kind of better method really. Why cannot achieve favorable result after all so? What error can be you caused when training?

   Push-up experienced chest muscle

  1, truncal place is wrong

Above all, to major friends, because what truncal malposition causes truly,the result that did not achieve ideal is. In canvasser be about to before warming-up, no matter be to undertake flyer or flat lies when pushing, canvasser must want lie low to go up and maintain in flat hold out a bosom, the back wants those who take little to bend after, whole shoulder ministry must want to rely on completely to be above flat. End to the last movement from the first movement when, canvasser needs to carry whole act.

   2, oversight renews an action

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