Loosen motion what to advantage loosens _

Everybody has heard of, after no matter be to be in,the end still moving before warming-up, everybody needs to undertake relaxation motion, such ability won’t damage the muscle of human body, just also won’t endanger our healthy situation. But, still a lot of friends do not understand loosen motion to have what kind of profit after all, we understand today.

Loosen athletic advantage

1, achieve athletic result

In fact, loosen the refrigeration after move even if moving, it cannot undertake negligence as the warm-up before motion, such ability achieve favorable athletic effect quite. If be in,finish the fall asleep on athletic wheeler, not only the muscle that can let run highly and nerve cannot get amortize, hormone level and blood pressure had not fallen, this has to the heart head blood-vessel of human body very big adverse. And in finish undertake be relaxationed right amountly after motion, can let what each place of the body get used to motion slowly stop, can protect healthy.

2, seasonable and inspiratory oxygen

Next, in athletic process, need many oxygen to be used for the metabolization of human body, human body also can be in the process of metabolization generation gives the waste gas such as many carbon dioxide, follow breath comes eduction arrives outside the body. Because move too acuteness, human body can appear very likely to be not supplied temporarily on aerobic circumstance, outside letting the carbon dioxide inside the body likely also can not remove the body in time so. If do a few loosen motion, that can seasonable engulf oxygen, come to carbon dioxide expiration.

3, alleviate mental pressure

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