Abdominal muscle takes exercise what method exercises _

To male friend, abdominal muscle is be good at large is indicative, and abdominal muscle also is the armor that protects body weight to want place. Accordingly, friend of a lot of men can pass motion to come to those who undertake abdominal muscle take exercise, make oneself body becomes more strong. So what does the method that abdominal muscle exercises have? Next we understand together.

Abdominal muscle takes exercise

1, lie on one’s back lift a leg

Above all lie low go up in the cushion of the floor or on the bed, and back closely stick dwelling place face or on bed face, the fixity above two hands handholding the head of a bed, double leg undertakes going up lifting mixing putting down at the same time, can relapse for many times. The rock of the body must notice in the process that does this exercise, once appear the evidence of rock, can look for young associate to withstand oneself the upper part of the body, will prevent body rock. If want the exercises oneself abdominal muscle of utmost, must raise hip as far as possible come, ability brings hypogastric muscle into play quite.

2, lie on one’s back lift a leg to pedal

Above all lie low is on the bed, back must matter stick to bed face. Be in at the same time hold high bicrural process, must let double leg stop in sky, and the action of pedal bicycle should have in sky, want to undertake for many times repeatedly. Doing lie on one’s back in starting the process that the leg pedals, if be the first time undertake this kind of games feels particularly tired, if athletic range is too big,with speed too fast word can affect body condition. When after the motion is perfect, when pedalling every time must leg unbend, such ability increase the strength that take exercise quite.

3, pew situp

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