Ultimate motion has _ of what motion project

Believe everybody has heard the limit moves, this is the athletic way of a kind of tall difficulty, challenge sex is particularly big. These motion basically are to go after alarmingly dangerous and stimulation to serve as fun, make canvasser gets the satisfaction of body and mind. So what motion item be included inside ultimate motion after all? Next we know a few kinds of sport together.

The limit moves

1, Pan Yan

Pan Yan is a kind of people special the athletic project that like, it tells athletics and fitness and recreational union adequately to arrive one case. Want to undertake Pan Yan moves, the athlete must know whether his fitness is comprehensive, at the same time canvasser still needs to have tenacious He Yong dare and gritty spirit, can undertake in the rock wall above different point of view and height accurate with complete face about and leap and the movement with the more dangerous geometric ratio that make system. So, this kind of motion can be brought to people alarmingly dangerous and enjoy beautifully.

2, surf

Next, surf also is one of ultimate motion. Its equipment that enjoys law and much is same, the rate that carries athletics and skill will reveal. And of beautiful type and billow area play a way completely different however, beautiful type surf is in smooth water area of bigger broken perhaps wave makes a motion, hop for instance and change direction in somersault and sky etc. The difficulty of this kind of surf and risk factor are especially other tall, must want to particular surf foundation talent learns quite, and in the process that learning, had better person specially assigned for a task can undertake guidance.

3, skip extremely

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