Move feeling bicycle need reducing weight to notice what item _

Using feeling bicycle is a kind of indoor bicycle that combined the many sided result such as music and vision trains course, also be a kind of sport having oxygen that can exercise human body whole body. No matter be youth of 15 years old, still be old people of 50 years old fits this kind of campaign very much. Need what to case note in using the process that feeling bicycle reduces weight so?

Use feeling bicycle method reducing weight

1, correct pose

To the friends that ride a bicycle, two legs can be cast aside toward, still can wag his head, these are common cycle pose. In fact, feel to moving for bicycle, this is a kind of wrong pose. In using the process that uses feeling bicycle, correct pose should be: The body is gone to a little pitch a few, two arms unbend, abdomen is tightened up, the method of use abdominal. At the same time each articulatory need hold the body harmonious, cannot control quite undertake wobbly, must want to notice to ride the rhythm of travel.

2, ride the method of travel

Next, want to achieve better exercise the effect, still need to notice to ride the method of travel. Everybody is using the process that uses feeling bicycle in, can use freedom to ride the method of travel, must want those who undertake half hour above to ride a time everyday, speed must want control to won’t appear in breath apparent rhythm change goes. The method that also can go through riding by fits will achieve a goal, advanced travel warm up rides go 5 minutes, rest two minutes, later again slowly deepen intensity, rest a little while more a little, will alleviate fatigue.

3, the pose that pedal steps

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