Decrease an abdomen to hold how making move is what kind of _

Reducing the main purpose that the abdomen holds is to eliminate the flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married above people abdomen, but this kind of motion is done 3 times two only is not to look to give any effects, want to achieve better curative effect, must perserve undertake massage everyday, had better be to be mixed in the morning each undertake 3 times afternoon. So decrease an abdomen to hold after all what motion method to have?

Decrease an abdomen to hold

1, common step

Above all the before half end that canvasser takes in the chair, two feet and approach, the arm is smooth carry be the same as with the shoulder before the body wide, the fist of two hands gently touch touch. The arm maintains to make the same score later carry, slowly turn the body toward left, again slowly return ahead, additionally a side also should repeat 20 times. Next will double genu and approach, two arms are put in the two side of the body to maintain certain distance, the face wants forward in front but the upper part of the body must want list. Across is changed to have similar action later, such can effective crimple abdominal muscle.

2, abdomen reduces weight hold

Above all lie low is on the bed, two legs are raised will curve right angle, two tactics should be put at the same time cervical from the back, will double shoulder raises past right to turn, ancon of your left hand comes up against right knee, return later among, turn toward left again, ancon of your right hand comes up against the knee of left leg, undertake quickly right-and-left roll later. Canvasser can decide according to his body circumstance, athletic 10-20 second. Nevertheless, this kind of abdomen reduces weight hold must undertake for a long time taking exercise, only the athletic ability of unremitting achieves favorable result quite.

3, belly dance receives a small of the back

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