How to exercise function force to weigh brace up _ of male male wind

To male friend, hope oneself can be brought to the female in sexual life respect cheerful, such not only can enhance the male self-confident to oneself heart, still can make the male becomes have charm more. Accordingly, friend of a lot of men wants to know how to exercise function power, how can you just improve oneself sexual life after all so? We understand below.

How to exercise function power

1, the penis points to control a standard

If male friend often uses silver-colored bine to point to the penis that presses a law to massage his, can effective enhance function power. This method is to use finger to catch repeatedly hold the penis, the active that can enhance phallic blood-vessel and nerve to wait so is changed. After be being held through using a hand to catch repeatedly, the penis can erect. When erecting, still need not mind, OK still proceed is massaged, OK also morning and evening is in when going up, the bed undertakes massage. If plant this,plan also can establish active environmental atmosphere when the sexual love before making sexual life.

2, exciting groin

The groin that is located in both sides of phallic root ministry through stimulation is in charge of also can greatly sexual function heighten. Because groin is nerve of past spermary join and the access that carry blood. So, the haemal circulation inside inguinal canal is good it is a particularly important facet. Specific massage means is: Use two finger to press the two side that pin phallic root ministry first, and from above downward the face is touched, stimulation flows toward the access of spermary to blood. If be massaged everyday if, with respect to the sexual capacity that can increase the male inside short time.

3, before sleeping, press press belly button

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