Heighten gem gal has what action type can heighten _

Very much nowadays city white-collar and labour firewood estate are special love to practice gem gal. Actually, the benefit of exercise gem gal is very much, not only the temperament that can foster female friends, still can make people senior tall. So after all what action type is heighten gem gal? Next we see the method that adopts gem gal heighten what have together.

   The action type of heighten gem gal

  1, admire horizontal

Above all canvasser needs to lie on the bed, back and bed cannot have the space of a bit quite. At the same time the arm must want unbend, and will left leg slightly bend, again unbend of will right leg a few, and the drive up of in a way. Make the ham face of two legs maintains later in same on horizontal, right leg is gone to as far as possible above outspread, after holding to 30 seconds, change across leg to repeat undertake. Later slowly loosen the body, lower right leg to maintain a minute again. Lower right leg again then, repeat have campaign.

   2, bridge-type

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