Beautiful pregnant woman is pregnant 8 months join gymnastical match to offend controversy _

According to England ” daily Post ” reported on April 6, does American north block the pregnant woman Emily of Luo Laina city? Lay mines at present is inBe pregnantGymnastical game played when 8 months, finished 70 kilograms weight lifting 55 times, offend come the controversy of people.



Emily of 31 years old will produce the first child on April 29, but the job goes out 6 days every week euqally before she still resembles now. Draw after the photograph that she basks in a him pregnancy fitness on gregarious software Instagram a lot of ” mad ” comment. But she says so doing agree through the doctor, right fetal without harm.


Can see in the video on Emily Instagram homepage, she still is wearing the project such as hot pants and weight lifting of exercise of the outfit that show hilum, handstand now. Because fear she is irreclaimable,she says to arrive the weight before be pregnant, should intensify an exercise more so. Since be pregnant, her weight increased 11.79 kilograms in all. The challenge that she will play record of auspicious Nisi world to train the most by force circularly on May 14.

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