These things, the doctor is not done! _

Live daily in us in, health is us the problem that each person is paying close attention to, because of life once, be worth at creation price everyday in us while, can you deny cherish life itself? The body sends skin, the father and mother that get! Be in self-love, stem from close affection, stem from responsibility, life health nots allow to ignore.

The bury in daily life what ” time bomb ” , the body and mind that can endanger us is healthy, exemple food is undesirable, sedentary do not move, overwork is waited a moment, look be like is a few subtle behavior, but we have a bit enrol in the likelihood carelessly.

   Do each domain doctors see below won’t which does the healthy mine field of lay a finger on have a few?

University of medicine of Zhejiang traditional Chinese medical science is accessary the 2nd hospital (Zhejiang province is new China hospital) the chair of orthopaedics doctors, themselves matchs, and do not sit too soft. Their explanation is: “Such is opposite the neck is good, to lumbar it may not be a bad idea. Make the chair that doctor office uses, it is plastic material is qualitative, sit to feel some are hard, back of a chair also is plastic, have a bit radian, chair both sides does not have armrest. “Actually, from the point of the point of view that protects lumbar, this kind of chair still is not best. This kind of chair still is not best..

Besides orthopaedics doctor, xu Chao still has a capacity is head of medical affairs department, so usually also table of a lot of article works. “But I won’t sit all the time, sit a little while to go to ward, sedentary, long station, same the pose keeps too long, it is bad to rachis. It is bad to rachis..

Xu Chao (orthopaedics doctor) the action that avoids as far as possible: Climb, climb stairs, dozen too extremely, sit low bench and sofa, and crouching to brush a floor. Knee joint gets hurt very easily in motion, climb stairs, when climbing, knee joint bears greater pressure, still can increase cartilage burden at the same time, once cartilage is damaged, have recovery capability hardly.

Chen Xingling (digestive physician) do not drink strong tea, CoffeeAlso drink rarely. Coffee and strong tea, cause gastric esophagus countercurrent easily. Hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is had caustic, if often countercurrent, can cause stimulation to esophagus, pharynx and larynx, research shows, esophagus countercurrent disease also is to causeEsophagus cancerone of main inducement.

Shi Weiqun (liver ill division) do not eatEarthnutThe sauce, earthnut that boil; Oil of embryo of sesame oil, corn also does not eat. The earthnut of stoving whether mildew changes, judge easily; And water boils earthnut, good bad lump, judge hard not only, yellow aspergillus element still can diffuse. After yellow aspergillus element enters human body, can cause an effect to liver, increase suffer fromCancer of the liverrisk.

Chen Ji sinceres feeling (dermatologist) chamfer is done not have sincerely character necessary, need not beautiful white product. The skin has oneself defend system, chamfer can destroy this to cover a system character, the loss outweights the gain; A few allege the grandma washing a face that has beautiful white effect, protect skin to taste, added fluorescent agent probably, causeAllergic. Dermatologist beauty white method is to go out the lens that wear black, cap, or sunshade.

Chapter abundant nimble (paediatrics doctor) do not give the darling under 3 months to feed meter of paste, the darling under 3 months, AmylaseSecrete very few, ate rice paste, cause easilyDyspeptic.

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