What motion is done to conduce to after the meal reduce weight master _ of thin body small hang

After the person is having a meal, digestion can resolve food very quickly the nutrient matter that adult body place wants, blend in finallyBlood, in this process, blood sugar chroma can lift, the fatty acid inside body also is met grow in quantity, change into energy when its, satisfied human body need, surplus blood sugar meets those who have energy store, change into thereby adipose, from this knowable, although you did not eat fattiness food, still be meeting generation is adipose, after wanting us to be after the meal 30 minutes only, begin campaign, can reduce blood sugar to form adipose opportunity, because meal hind is the time that small intestine begins to undertake decomposing absorption to food 30 minutes, mastered the time that campaign begins after the meal, so what motion is done to conduce to after the mealReduce weight?

What motion is done to conduce to after the meal reduce weight

1. Take a walk

Meal hind takes a walk, this is a kind of way that a lot of people can choose, for because its are comparative other sport, can saying do not have what motion intensity, and the athletic project after this also accords with a meal, because violent campaign should not have after the meal, taking a walk is the most comfortable, recreational method, after eating a meal, we can go to a park going below, or be ambulate back and forth in the hall, take a walk after the meal can fall in motionHypoglycemia, still conduce to intestines and stomach digesting, the attention means the word of satisfactory result, want those who hold to half hours to take a walk.

2. Stand

Hour of meal second half undertakes standing, and insist to stand half hours above, the effect is first-rate, stand to need one side wall only, carry pair of wall on the back next, standard pose is to look up hold out a bosom, double foot calcaneal and approach, tiptoe is opened outwards as far as possible show all the time line, double genu and approach, whole leg ministry, include to leave half body, stick on wall closely, arrive from vertebral, coxal, waist slowly shoulder, finally is afterbrain spoon, make the same score entirely stick in metope, this process should loosen shoulder and both hands, but coxal must clamp. Stand to be able to burn not only after the meal adipose, and still be helpful for holding the body.

3. Reduce weight hold

Hour of meal second half can undertake reducing weight drill, but choice action is more relaxed, try a kind to reduce weight everyday hold, a week reduces weight those who differ hold try, such already thin body also won’t feel drab, remember finishing reduce weight the lie low after holding a little while, loosen abdomen.

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