Dash trains a method how to train _ effectively

Dash wants to run essence of life, also be to should rely on those who come out to take exercise, not all person is born to have the talent with rapid dash in, had been trained only, just can become more fierce, what does dash train a method to have?

  Dash trains a method

1. Speed trains

Need undertakes speed trains dash, it is warming-up first, all sorts of spinning activity, harmonious exercise, strong run or flexibility runs; Speed practices, 30 meters, 60 meters, 80 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters, besides exercise the special activity that run, still can undertake: Overhang lifts a leg or sit-ups is helpful for promotion fast force, medium force;

2. Endurance takes exercise

Endurance to dash also be very important, still prepare above all activity, canter half hours everyday, cannot stop during, the attention breathes pace is even, even, live firmly speed, pitch of appreciably of centre of gravity maintains when running, can compare loose ran all the time, jump into force of travel upper limbs and class next take exercise, use oak thong to undertake obstruction practices fighting namely finally.

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