Hands or feet perspires how is cure solved unusual perspire problem _

Desudation of hands or feet, often appear, this is a kind of abnormal expression, a lot of people also feel for this very worry, hands or feet perspires is the intercourse that can affect a person, want when you with others handclasp when, your control is very much sweat, grasping also is not, be not being grasped also is not, can appear very awkward, the word of crural much sweat also can bring about crural ministry give out a stink. Because sympathetic is het-up,causing the cause that hands or feet perspires may be, the palmar platoon perspiration that like nervous, pressure or summer high temperature causes is unusual increase, so does hands or feet perspire how to treat?

  Hands or feet perspires how to treat

1. searchs the pathogeny, to disease cure. If understood the reason that hands or feet perspires, so it is much easier that cure rises, of general pathology sex much better, it is by partial thyroid gland functional hyperfunction, diabetic reach the systematization disease such as mental obstacle to cause, its besides perspire much outside, return meeting companion to have other symptom. Want to treat the problem that hands or feet perspires, should cure the primary affection, so this kind of symptom also can disappear subsequently.

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