Anteprandial motion still is the note _ of the motion after anteprandial meal moving after the meal very

Is anteprandial motion still meal hind has moved very? A lot of people like to do exercise after the meal, because they feel satiate to just effort moves, or in anteprandial motion, very easy and giddy, actually the motion after the meal is wrong way, anteprandial motion is close friends than the motion after the meal, why, continue to see you know.

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Is anteprandial motion still meal hind has moved very?

Anteprandial because be of empty sky in the abdomen, still enter without new fatty acid inside adipose cell, and if having campaign, can bring its come out translate into quantity of heat and use up, because this is in anteprandial half hours of ongoing travel canters or be double, hold to 40 minutes, it is the effect that can have gymnastical beautiful system, after the effect compares a meal even good, and if moving after the meal, because digest a function to still do not have delay to come over, wait for its to stabilize need time, meal hind takes a walk aptly, but cannot have acuteness activity absolutely. Be over in anteprandial motion, should want to rest half hours above, because the person moves, muscle, articulatory acid bilges and spirit is tired, motion had depleted put oneself in another’s position the candy inside, adipose, ProteinBe decomposed in great quantities, just can appear so these phenomena, because this is in,a few vegetable can eat more appropriately when having a meal, can eliminate the superfluous acid inside body, the effect that removes exhaustion is more powerful.

No matter be the motion after anteprandial motion or meal, the place that should notice we are about to notice, be in half anteprandial hours should not have campaign again, gastric bowel undertakes digestive needing the participation of digestive juice, and in anteprandial half hours should let cerebrum enough time secretes digestive juice, such ability benefit at dining when the peristalsis of gastric bowel. Additional on one hand, what anteprandial motion needs to notice is, cannot have too acuteness activity, violent campaign sends digestive juice easily to secrete decrease, and big mouth breathes when motion, also can affect the person’s appetite. If meal hind wants to have athletic word like that, should rest half hours first, bowel letting a stomach has a digestive time, lest bring about pepticBloodDecrease, the influence digests a function. Inside hour of meal second half unsuited have violent campaign, want at least when after a hour, meal hind has violent campaign, can affect digestive function not only, return meeting occurrence bellyacke, GastroptosisWith disease of etc stomach bowel.

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