Record of world of 50 meters of dash just is good sense _ hard


You know record of world of 50 meters of dash, of whose creation be? Dash should run outstandingly, it is to need to erupt of force, even speed of be particular about, actually dash is not so easy thing, pass ceaseless training only, ability runs so that cross others.

Record of world of 50 meters of dash

50 meters of dash belong to a project in match of track and field, be by world record, man record of world of 50 meters of dash is by Canadian creation, achievement is 5 seconds 56, and of the woman for Russia player Puliwaluowa, achievement is 5 seconds 96, look be like glory, actually they are the successes that just get through long-term and ceaseless training, because this is inferior to envying others with its, train well as oneself, we are example with world record, give him set a cause, decide according to the actual condition of oneself, do not ask to accomplish the most outstanding, but should endeavor.

Want to obtain good result in dash, must have powerful outbreak force and wallop, and these ability are gotten through taking exercise, want to enhance the speed of oneself and staying power only, ability shows itself in dash. When train, we need to want to understand a few skill, go undertaking specific aim trains from inside skill.

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