Appliance fitness exercises muscle muscle effectively group _


Want to become muscle male, be about to pass use appliance fitness ceaselessly, the choice suits his appliance, achieve gymnastical goal. The appliance of gym is varied, dumbbell, barbell, fixed appliance is like ran machine, take exercise with appliance in gym meeting more mix simply relaxed, so what does the appliance of gym have?

Appliance fitness

1. Tensile implement. Tensile implement use is very big, can undertake with its Fu body side is made the same score lift, use the weight of moderate, make sure whole act wants to be done very correctly, will achieve sculpture deltoid the purpose of mid line; Stand at attention rows, barbell is erect row, or wait with machine of pulling force of dumbbell, rope, its good body can exercise deltoid well now.

2. Lie push. Lie push a special apparatus that is experienced pectoralis major, have respectively smooth lie, sit type is inclined lie and vertical is inclined lie 3 kinds, basically be the bracket that solders by steel tube and board face composition. Sitting position lies push, primary to fitness person, suit especially, go up inclined, flat, below inclined 3 kinds of upside that basically exercise a bosom respectively, mid, bottom; Butterfly machine places a bosom, a kind be flyer, small turn of two tactics arm, flap like the wing of the bird come down, of two tactics arm flap in the process, the hand does not have the action that postpone, what basically exercise a bosom is medium seam, tensile implement clip bosom, a kind also be flyer, basically exercise a bosom outside channel of side, bosom; Qu Shen of chest muscle arm, basically exercise pectoral bottom, parallel bars arm bends a kind when extend, wide grasp; Still having is dumbbell lies push, dumbbell lies what the range that turn does is OK lie than barbell those who push is big.

3. Push-up is worn. It is commonly make by iron pipe or timber, can offer bare-handed with the waist negative redo push-up is used, when training cervical can load with the waist have a practice, increased exercise difficulty, of this appliance take exercise be helpful for developing pectoralis major group.

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