Skip is OK thin leg make _ of leg of fine fine jade


Skip belongs to one of motion having oxygen, want you to hold to the word that jump only, can burn effectively inside body adipose, have the objective of thin leg thereby. Is skip OK thin leg? Master certain skip skill, hold to skip everyday, can have distinct effect so. Anyhow, skip is reduce weight first-rately thin leg moves, its feel well you are on a diet, be on a diet can hurt a body, and skip won’t hurt a body not only, still be helpful for enhancing a constitution, its also won’t rebound so easily.

Skip is OK thin leg

Skip can reduce weight, at the same time skip when if having specific aim quite, can have the effect of thin leg so, if kick a leg to jump backward, rope is skipped while a leg is kicked backward, the calcaneal when jumping stands by hip as far as possible, change a foot to jump next, kick backward not only can thin leg, and next abdomen also can receive sufficient spread, bring result of good model body; Kick a leg to jump ahead, double leg is kicked ahead when skip, but should notice to kick leg and rotational cord to want to coordinate, lest be pulled by cord; Thin leg jumps, hold the action of ran, thin leg skips rope by turns, the speed of skip is OK by arrive slow fast, such ability reduce the meat of surplus go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married on the leg effectively; Carry high leg skip, drive up of a leg shows right angle, or so leg is being exchanged jump; Brandish to two side skip, double foot and after approach skips rope, in brandish cord while a leg is stretched to a side, when cord is about to return ahead, double foot again and approach is jumped over.

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