Gem gal thin body suffers a female to welcome _ greatly


A lot of people feel gem gal learns very hard, lian Yuga can make the person becomes ache, this is valid proof, the phenomenon of occurrence ache is normal, you feel ache only, ability explains taking exercise is effective, is gem gal thin body how a view?

Gem gal thin body

1. On tiptoe crouchs Ma Bu, stand, bipod is apart, do abdominal 3 times first, next both hands is made the same score ahead lift to shoulder height, the hand points to and approach, the centre of the palm is down, arm as far as possible extension forward, neck maintains up straight, then stand on tiptoe has heel, contact the ground to prop up whole body with toe only, at the beginning if cannot accomplish this movement, can let calcaneal leave the area first, this movement transfers again later; Hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen namely next, face ahead, whole upper part of the body holds erect position, at the same time knee bends, the body sinks slowly, buttock following sits, show “ to crouch shape of Ma Bu ” , till ham and ground are parallel, hold to one minute, restore. This movement basically is to exercise humeral ministry, ham, hip 3 place.

2. All sorts of type that prop up. Primitive the type that prop up, leg and arm unbend, lower ministry of coxal straight in the end, buttock and leg form linear, stand on tiptoe of in a way removes tiptoe, deep breathing, maintain 10 seconds; Music arm is propped up, on the foundation of the type that prop up, music arm lowers the body, double ancon should be put closely closely in your area body two side, look ahead, enlarge bosom, bladebone is down, even ground breathes, maintain this pose 15 seconds; Half boat type, stretch the leg ahead, the posture that make it cross one’s legs takes, lie backward next, the leg is outstretched, curve knee to bosom, the hand is put at the back of ham, rachis and ground are parallel, maintain this pose, next unbend leg, hold to 15 seconds.

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