Woman fitness model is perfect curvilinear _


Is woman fitness good really? Such muscle will be bigger and bigger, can appear very straightforward, because have such idea,a lot of females are, so not very loves to go gym fitness, actually woman fitness is not so of understanding, we can achieve our goal reducing weight through fitness, still can model beautiful bodily form to oneself, make oneself become have charm more.

Woman fitness

It is same that the project of woman fitness follows a man actually, just be force of susceptive of the place when taking exercise different, the woman wants than the man from beginning to end a few frailer, physical strength also is inferior to a man, accordingly, of the woman exercise intensity need not so big, act accordingly. The bosom of woman fitness trains, undertake warm up first, humeral sleeve flesh group warm up, lie into flat of line space hand later push, or it is enlarge bosom, sit namely next 3 groups of dumbbell lie push, weight is foreword of abide advance gradually, till anyhow exercises him force exhaust; Bosom training still has dumbbell flyer, or appliance places a bosom, knee joint push-up, or sitting position turns pectoral weapon, each are with accomplishing his force exhaust is a standard. It is back training next, warm up is to undertake pressing a shoulder, leave a pocket, turn, enlarge bosom, adscititious 1 group bare-handed pull forcedly, undertake training later, pull below 3 groups sitting position, the process that do should note behavioral level, hold out a waist; Or it is sitting position rows, the training that barbell pulls forcedly. Finally is leg ministry training, want warm up likewise, crouch for nothing, mobile knee joint, use barbell to crouch greatly next, leg Qu Shen, accomplish force exhaust.

Woman fitness still can achieve a goal through gem gal, gem gal believes a lot of females had been contacted, gem gal also can have gymnastical objective, and still be helpful for modelling perfect curve, already can the soft beauty that cultivate one’s morality can raise a gender again moves, make your body look more glamorous, promote your temperament thereby, odd side is balanced, canoe pose reduces weight, accipitral type sheet is sufficient stand the good way that etc is an exercise, the shoulder to the female, back, ham, hip can rise to exercise action very well.

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