Load the advantage of ran lets your a sudden big stride forward be like flying _


Load ran is a kind of common method in training, the result that produces because of its is apparent, always have two sides sex, load ran also has its actor drawback, so load what the advantage of ran is?

Load the advantage of ran

Load ran can make the person’s body is used up more adipose, and accelerate a heartbeat, increase the oxygen demand of the body, enhance muscle power. Load ran stimulates the person’s skeleton effectively, it is skeleton gets strong force is stimulated, conduce to calcium flowing into, make skeleton more able-bodied, defer bone calcium to lose; The muscle that loads ran can exercise a person is abiding travel, endurance, ability having oxygen and erupt force, undertake every weeks 3 arrive 5 times take exercise can, not overmuch, besides load ran, still can pass run stair, skip will achieve training goal, rhythm should notice when train, breath, according to oneself circumstance, act accordingly. However, load ran also has bad lest, just began the person that take exercise especially, one carelessly method, get hurt very easily, if increase negative weight blindly, such namely the possibility that ancon joint and shoulder get hurt increases accordingly.

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