The necessary training _ of dash dash


Dash is one of project of track of track and field, its include 50 meters to run, 60 meters run, 100 meters run etc, the meaning of dash is with the rapiddest rate, in formulary distance, and with most the person that run first is champion project, what can see the person’s utmost from inside dash is natural, and this kind of ability is to want to be had through exercising talent ceaselessly, so how should dash train?


1. The specialized training that run. (1) rack, the upper part of the body is erect, the shoulder is loosened, nature of two arms around swings, coxa, genu, gambrel is loosened, the genu when taking a step is placed ahead, unbend of the knee joint when touchdown, sufficient with mention, gambrel is bouncy; (2) hind pedal runs, the upper part of the body a bit pitch, two arms nature swings, forward upper part places the leg, place a leg while, next another leg ham is active pressing, sufficient before palm touchdown, genu, gambrel amortize, after turning quickly, to step on, the leg is placed to send coxa the movement when toing step on after prevenient, genu ankle pedal is extended after, alternant frequency wants two legs fast; (3) carry high the leg runs, the upper part of the body a bit pitch, two arms around swings, ham is forward on place, with ground parallel, in a way drives the coxa that be the same as side forward, calcaneal is close to hip, carrying leg while, next the ham of another leg is active pressing, touchdown of the palm before straight leg is sufficient, centre of gravity should mention. (4) hind kick crus to run, the upper part of the body a bit pitch, nature of two arms around swings, sufficient before palm touchdown, when leaving the ground sufficient before the palm gathers up forcibly the ground, take advantage of an opportunity of the crus after leaving the ground is kicked backward with ham, sufficient with adjacent and coxal.

2. The training of speed. Speed to dash it is very important, mastering speed while, return the pose of start of a race that should notice dash, adopt station vertical, face about type and advance a start of a race, helpful to raising rate. Mean rate of very good training, should undertake with the intensity of 90-95% 20-60m runs everyday, every groups run 4-5 second, rest 3 minutes every time, have 2-3 group. ; Additional, the training of speed has to the field of ran and weather pay attention to certainly, the method extent in moderate of evenness, dry, hardness trains below aspirant travel and the weather in warmth.

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