Square setting-up exercise reducing weight reduces weight to still loosen pressure _ at the same time


A lot of people drill setting-up exercise is to reduce weight, as to why can do in square, basically be to have partner, much person reduces weight together, motivation just is met more intense, a lot of females want to jump square reduces weight hold, especially when they need not go to work in the late evening, this can have the objective that reduce weight not only, return the pressure that can release oneself.

Square setting-up exercise reducing weight

1. Stand the ground, double leg departure and shoulder are the same as wide, hold high both hands is in the top of head and across, erect waist is carried on the back, twist waist begins later, hip places rightward, again from right forth, went to once upon a time left, circle a circle to twist a waist circularly from ground of left in the future, change the way that lumbar abdomen turns round next, from next right going to right on, go to next left coming left on, this movement repeats 3 times; Erect back, genuflect sits on the ground, become with ham all the time line, both hands nature is put at the leg by, fu body, the waist bends, both hands also is put down subsequently, touchdown of the back of hand, maintain head top and ground photograph to stick; Centre of gravity is between the head and leg ministry when, maintain hip to be not put down, the upper part of the body bends pill form, crus moves ahead, coxal cock, at the same time the top of head leaves the ground and close before ham, maintain a movement to count a second.

2. Double leg is erect, hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, both hands is grasping water bottle and bosom to make the same score neat, raise up next, unbend both hands, after maintaining a pose to count a second, straight arm is put down reductive; Double foot is apart, next into Ma Bu crouching, both hands holds water bottle, put naturally in the body two side, straight arm is raised to side upper part, till complete unbend, keep 5 seconds in neat shoulder and apogee; Fu lies to go up or fill up, double foot is erect and approach, the ankle holds water bottle in the palm, endeavor to raise crus to apogee backward next, dormant after 3 seconds reductive.

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