_ of mountain-climbing equipment take part in a battle with light packs


Mountain-climbing lover is increasing, because mountain-climbing is OK test one the individual’s endurance and psychokinesis, return the body that can exercise a person at the same time, be in especially when weighing in relief section, more much person can mountaineer. Before mountain-climbing we should want to intend something, in order to assist the edible when mountain-climbing, according to the ambient conditions characteristic that mountain-climbing moves, the choice is light, solid, efficient and multi-purpose equipment. What mountain-climbing should we prepare to equip when mountaineer?

Mountain-climbing equips

1. Mountain-climbing bag. Empty-handed cannot be when we mountaineer and those who go, affirmative meeting carries a big package on the back, install and so on of water, food, because of the content that this mountaineers the bag is necessary, mountaineer the choice of the bag also has a demand, if go than carrying a knapsack on the back casually, there are a lot of things inside, so you climb climbed a half to had been used up by knapsack a lot of effort, because of this knapsack besides removed design, stock cooperate besides, bearing a system is the part with every the most important knapsack, its should bear not only the weight that complete equips, still should offer to load cozily to climber platform, won’t spend effort on knapsack entirely so. Navigator had better prepare before mountain-climbing, traumatic or simple and easy emergency treatment equip, in order to have in case.

2. Climbing boot. Mountain-climbing basically relies on a foot, the option of the shoe is quite so important also, before mountain-climbing, we should know the terrain of hill first, the weather that day, choose a pair of comfortable, practical shoes, the hardness of climbing boot can defy petrosal to blow grind, if mountaineer circuit is to walk in difficult landform, need to choose to protect the climbing boot of him ankle, calcaneal and toe more. Additional, still need to notice the dress of mountain-climbing, wear pants as far as possible, pants as far as possible comfortable, lest limit the activity of leg ministry, clothings should light, wash-and-wear, not bibulous.

3. Alpenstock. Do not think alpenstock is a burden, undertake when you outdoors mountain-climbing passes through when the activity, its can bring a lot of profit to you, if increase the stability that walk, reduce the burden of leg ministry, ministry letting a leg feels better off, still can alleviate at the same time the waist and shoulder exhaustion. On the other hand, the person that still can raise you greatly is safe, decrease slip, the opportunity of sprain, ascertain road besides.

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