Domestic fitness helps you swing _ of fleshy thin body easily


Do not love gymnastical person at ordinary times, how won’t go basically gym, no matter we are much busier, should want to hold to fitness everyday, such advantage is very much, we must not go gym, domestic fitness also is right choice, simple and easy fitness activity has in the home, also can have pretty good effect.

Domestic fitness

Domestic fitness from make early, when awaking in the morning, a few slight exercise are done on the bed, body side direction at the same time, two tactics mat falls in the head, next slowly furl knee, this pose can make muscle bouncy not only, at the same time slow the nervous feeling of back; Or it is to admire lie in bed to go up, unbend two legs, both hands is smooth put two side, raise head and shoulder, last 5 seconds, repeat 10 times, conduce to the neck before aggrandizement abdomen is mixed; Use free time fitness, before pulling knee to the bosom, till till ham, crus the reverse side experiences pulling force, maintain a few seconds, loosen repeat again, can make leg ministry muscle strong and handsome; Or beside the table, left hand holds stage edge, raise right leg, knee and tiptoe unbend, around sways 10 times, left leg repeats do; Be in when you cook, wash dish or be when washing a bowl, can stretch double leg, station straight body, this also is one kind takes exercise, or pulling the land, when sweeping the floor, not only the arm is being moved, let gambrel, coxal, knee joint wait to be moved accordingly together rise.

2. The setting-up exercise on the bed, turn the head bends an ankle, go up in the bed when, the head turns 10 times to or so side, be helpful for relieving dazed symptom, stimulative head blood circulates not free, in the meantime, bend 10-20 of the gambrel that stretch a leg again second, can make lower limbs activity leaves come; Stretch oneself, two tactics across is done on the bed, extend turn over a palm to head upper part, tiptoe stretchs tight straight, extend body, coordinate the action of deep breathing, practice 6 times repeatedly; Lie on one’s back side is bent, lie on his back on the bed, lift on skill, bend along with side thing upper part of the body, lower limbs exerts oneself to do sth. unbend, or so side bends each to be done 8 times; Lie on his back on the bed, two legs and approach bend one’s knees, lift on crus unbend, leg and body become 90 degrees, then abdominal muscle exerts oneself to do sth. , two legs issue the gradient that falls to 45 degrees of horn, maintain this pose a little while reductive, the movement relapses 15-20 second.

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