Press the accurate method _ of the leg


Press a leg

Pressing a leg is the motion of field of a kind of not beyond the mark be particular about, should have ascend wearing, baluster only, even step, take leg upgrade side, can begin the practice that press a leg. When we just began to press a leg, requirement cannot exorbitant, the angle between two legs wants appropriate, cross suddenly on very tall baluster is pulled easily. Press a leg to be able to model a leg not only model, the ligament of the joint of person leg ministry that still is helpful for opening study to dance. Press a leg to want to pay attention to accurate method, lest cause undesirable effect, so do you know the accurate method that presses a leg?

   Press the accurate method of the leg

1. Pressing a leg. Before tall object prepares to press a leg, stand, double foot and approach, raise left leg to put calcaneal on stall bars, tick off a tiptoe, bend close gambrel, both hands is helped up go up in left leg knee, double foot shows right angle, all want unbend, hold out a waist, still can undertake proneness thing upper part of the body at the same time, do downward ahead brace up the action that presses a leg, ordinal with elbow, forehead even mandible goes contacting tiptoe, go doing according to oneself circumstance, cannot importune.

2. The leg is pressed after. The body carries pair of stay on the back, double leg is erect, tiptoe is outward, with the mesa behind assist of a hand; Left leg is erect, mention backward right leg, put on the mesa behind, instep stretchs tight behind straight, double leg knee cannot bend. , erect waist, next rearward brace up pressure. Sensory drawing is mixed to the waist the muscle of the side before ham. Or so leg undertakes alternately, conduce to exercise coxa ministry, waist and cervical.

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