Children learns _ of the practice after tennis is taught first


If want to let tennis make the child’s proficiency in a particular line, should begin to foster as a child so, interest of a long-term movement can establish the life fundamental key of a person, learn tennis to can train children well, we should be applied because of the person religion, different age level, adopt different training plan, reduce the blindness of training.

Children learns tennis

1. Thought education. Children is in tennis of begin to learn when, the likelihood does not know what is tennis mostly, because we want to let children have an idea to tennis above all, teach them to want to build right technical movement in training, master the premise of correct and basic technology. The begin to learn in children period, let they learn and master technical principle above all, know the technical structure of this project, contact immanently between the movement, take the training of basic skill seriously, the basic skill of tennis practices even if brandish is patted, this practice is bad, can saying won’t learn tennis, so this is the key of education, pass difficult and careful training only, ability lets muscle send force to have correct feeling gradually, form the automation of right technology movement finally. No matter be to study which technology movement, must practice repeatedly, ceaseless aggrandizement, such effects just are met much better, do not be eager to imparting new act, master a movement through ceaseless exercise departmental cent, between movement and movement, the relation of space and time.

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