Reduce weight thin body is held make you thin become a ” lightning ” _


We know motion is to reduce weight thin body is the most effective and a the most scientific kind, its need to hold to for a long time, ability sees distinct effect, not be those who do twice reduce weight thin body is held OK and fast of thin body, as long as everyday all the time again and again takes exercise, so ability is simple and relaxed thin come down.

Reduce weight thin body is held

1. Take exercise all over hold. Stand, bipod is apart, extend on both hands, bow next, till the centre of the palm is flat,put the floor; Forward lunge, both hands maintains go up, a leg is extended backward, into forward lunge, the hand helps hip up, erect trunk, do 5 times pressure below, the Gong Bu movement that rise; The foreleg is extended backward later, should make push-up gesture, after doing 5, loosen hip, when abdomen and ground surface contact, hold out a bosom ahead, both hands maintains the ground, two arms unbend, maintain a pose one minute; The leg mentions, put down, the buttock dash forward to the ceiling, double arm keeps flat, mention from the ground crural eye, put down again next, successive this movement 20, raise potential of station standing position gently finally. In this motion, can move all over, can have the effect of thin waist thin leg, want us to insist to do this to cover an exercise everyday only, and do many times, so after a month, you can see apparent effect.

2. Morning and evening reduces weight thin body is held. When rising in the morning, stand on the ground, open double leg, raise double arm, two tactics palm up and across, back is erect, begin twist waist, hip places rightward, again from right forth, went to once upon a time left, circle a twist waist circularly from ground of left in the future, the way that lumbar abdomen turns round is changed later, from next right going to right on, go to next left coming left on, this process middleman and guarantor holds natural breath, make this motion a few times more. When sleeping in the evening, an upper part of the body is opened with both hands on the bed, smooth bend over to go up in the bed, open double leg and shoulder to be the same as wide, instep sticks a bed, raise the head as far as possible, the upper part of the body is admired backward a bit case, kind of waist is felt by drawing, next expiratory, the eye looks at leg ministry, the upper part of the body hind of towards the left is turned round, hind lumbar press press; Then, will left arm slides backward, finger is supporting bed side, feel lumbar abdomen turns backward further, finally, carry back straight, genuflect sits on the bed, become with ham all the time line, both hands nature is put at the leg by, next slowly nutation the upper part of the body, the waist bends, both hands also is put down subsequently.

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