Have a fever perspire be helpful for coming loose _ of hot stimulative rehabilitation


Have a fever the normal reaction that perspiring is system of human body immunity, perspiring is a kind of good appearance, its are OK the toxin inside the body and style of spare eduction of quantity of heat outside, drop human body temperature, recover human body normal function, accordingly we need not worry too.

Have a fever perspire

Have a fever perspiring can be a kind of fevered symptom, also can be a kind of symptom of the disease, its are the temperature setting that causes by all sorts of reasons commonly move on the dot, bring about adjust sexual temperature is elevatory, its conduce to enhance airframe immunity function, the rehabilitation of stimulative disease. Have a fever perspire rise to come loose hot action, avoid temperature consequently exorbitant. When the person has a fever, of temperature very tall, the temperature inside body does not send out come out, won’t heal, once perspire, promote rehabilitation very easily. Have a fever perspiring is to use convection and evaporating method commonly, simple for it is the room should be in ventilated condition, with forehead of cold towel apply, serious word brushs the whole body to drop in temperature with ice, this kind of method calls convection; And can close to of sweat of pass in and out is to evaporate most, make a patient discharge sweat through medicaments, take away much quantity of heat from the sweat fluid of the eduction inside body, achieve the result of allay a fever finally. Take acetanilide, can perspire very quickly, the action of acetanilide depends on controlling temperature adjustment center, increase medicinal powder hot, grow in quantity perspires, come loose quickly thereby heat makes temperature falls it is normal to come. When use, want to notice dosage, because was used,cannot do not have what effect, sweat also not very goes out, use in great quantities, once dosage crosses congress to make sweat gives increase, cause collapse thereby; Additional, still need to drink water more, drop in temperature at discharging sweat with benefit, precautionary desudation causes water and electrolyte disorder.

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